The proposed route.

One of the agenda points is to complete the Camino de Santiago (on foot not in the van) and this has made our route planning a little tricky.  The original plan was to start the Camino in April / May starting from St Jean Pied de Port.  As this lies in the Pyrenees near to Biarritz we felt that we would need to hang around the west coast of France for the first several weeks of our tour.  However, we have considered the weather, and this is supposed to be the sun tour, so now we have moved the walk until September meaning that we can pass through France and central Spain rather quickly and head south first, to Andalucia.  Also we have planned to tie up with my friend Kevin near Tarifa on Saturday 12th March where we will celebrate my 40th birthday.

The general gist of our route will then be Andalucia for several weeks, back through central Spain meeting the east coast near the French boarder.  Work our way across the French coast up to the Italian boarder.  We then plan to remain on the Italian coast as far down as maybe Pisa.  At this point we will head east across Italy to the east coast and visit San Marino.  From here we will move north up the coast and then onto Verona and north Italy.  Next we will dip into Austria and southern Germany on the way to Switzerland where we will visit Sharon’s brother and wife in Basel.  The next part will be a slow cut across inland France to St Jean where we will start the Camino.  Once the Camino is completed, we will pick up the van again in the French Pyrenees and drive across the north Spain coast and into Portugal.  We will cris-cross southwards through Portugal ending in the Algarve for some winter sun.  The Algarve will be our last destination and from here we will head slowly home.

Well that’s the rough plan any how!