About us…

Matt and Sharon are a couple hailing from the Midlands and have been living and working in Cambridgeshire for the last few years.

Matt, 39, has travelled extensively around the world predominantly with work.  He is also a lover of campervan life and a vagabond wannabe searching for a life less ordinary.  The campervan passion came from the 90’s Volkswagen scene and he has owned a 1960s Vdub van which managed a small tour of France.  This experience led to the need for something quicker and more reliable and a long time love affair with bread, cheese and wine.  He also likes regional sausages.

Sharon, 42, has left work happily behind and has not looked back.  She has travelled to lots of destinations mainly for leisure and is a sun lover.  She also shares the passion for bread, cheese and wine.  Sharon’s intention for this tour is to see as many old castles, châteaus, historical villages and towns and hopes to avoid the regional sausages.  Her eating plan, as food is important to both of us, is to enjoy as many fresh salads and vegetables as possible although more than likely she will succumb to her food weakness of steak frites.


Sorry about the third person, it does read a little strange!!!