Travelling into 2017

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Reflections after 9 months……

(25-12-16, Happy Christmas!)

The arrival of December meant we have been travelling for 9 months.   The last 3 months though have been the most varied as it included walking the Camino, brief motorhome tours of west France and a small patch of England, winter campsite care taking in Folkestone and a week holiday in Wales.


The Pembrokeshire coastal path at Trefin, Wales. 

Staying stationary for almost two months in Folkestone made us realise that we prefer touring, after all a motorhome has wheels.  The positive though was that we were able to earn some money and it gave us plenty of time for us to form conclusions of what we have experienced and achieved this year.

One thing that has struck us is the complexity of trying to transition from our current tourer status to part timers.  It is as if that any step away from the normal (full time job, house, utility bills, council tax, PAYE, insurance, having a place to store ‘things’, the electoral role and more subtly what people think of you) is set full of traps and preconceptions that prevent you from stepping outside of the conventional system.   The isolation and time whilst at Folkestone has helped us outline a staged plan to arrange things more permanently, enabling us to share the next year in stages of touring, voluntary work, earning money and being close to family.


The Warren bay, Folkestone – location of the Camping and Caravanning Club site.

On the motorhome front, the typical English weather meant that we were exposed to much more rain.  This extra water has raised to our attention some weaknesses with the motorhome and currently as I write this the vehicle is back with the dealer to have a series of repairs made under warranty.  Hopefully the Suntor will return to us early in the New Year when we plan to embark on the much belated tour of Portugal.  Furthermore, the mention of Portugal has made us think about the possibility of walking part of the Camino Portuguese……….we must be glutens for punishment………

The last three month block has allowed us to enjoy many places and people in the motorhome but speaking personally it has been the Camino that will be my highlight of this recent period.  It is not that I found some spiritual awakening or a journey to inner peace but that I just simply enjoyed the walking.  It has left me yearning to do something similar again as the sense of freedom of completing something so fundamentally basic as walking a long distance with your rucksack on your back is having a lasting effect on me.


An experience of freedom on the Camino

So finally, lets raise a glass to 2017, let the motorhoming continue and I wished now I had not limited the name of this website!


The EuroSuntor rolls on into 2017….