Suoni Marca Music Festival – Treviso (It)

After ten days of almost solitude in Bosco Mesola it was time to pick up Sharon from Treviso (Venice) airport.  We decided to stay at the free camper stop in Treviso again so Sharon could recover from her journey back.  We had two surprises when reaching Treviso 1)  Colin and Anne who we had met in Slovenia were already parked up and 2) the city was hosting a free music festival called Suoni Marca.  On the Friday that Sharon returned we did a quick recky of the festival and decided it was worth staying the Saturday night too, especially since Suzanne Vega was headlining.


Kim Bingham at Suoni Marca, crunching through ‘Where is my mind’ by the Pixies


Headliner, Suzanne Vega

We had another great night in Treviso and even upon our now second visit to this city we marvelled at it’s beauty, it’s local feel and again were received well by it’s inhabitants.  Giuseppe, who Sharon met initially in the drinks queue just before Suzanne Vega came on stage, will be our strongest memory.  He was certainly a character and spoke very little English, but with the help of random passers by that he stopped and involved them in the group temporarily for translations managed to keep the conversation going for more than an hour!  Also he kept buying us drinks, quoting “you are in my city, welcome, I’ll buy the drinks”……..

So we are nearing our time in Italy and we have almost spent two months here in total.  It has been a great place to visit and quite varied too in terms of scenery.  The only downside has been the poor roads and in total the toll of the potholes, be it the vibration of hitting them or just trying to avoid them,  on the van has been two punctures, two shelves, one cupboard door and the main lamp shade – luckily all these things have been easy to fix and not permanent damage.


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