Tour reflections so far, almost 3 months in……

21-05-16. Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra.  Free WIFI at the tourist office!!!

We can definitely say we know Andalucia well, as we spent 2 months touring there but on the flip side we have only tasted other areas such as Basque, Castilla y Leon, Extremadura, Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia, and Aragon.  We have completely missed states Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Navarra, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.  Luckily we will pass through some of the northern states when we complete the Camino de Santiago which we are looking forward to.  But these lists summarise our biggest bug bear that you can’t visit everywhere and we have decided to make slightly better travel plans for the east French coast and Italy using the principles of ‘travel slow’ and to visit places we won’t be able to get to easily from England in the future.  This might take out some of the large cities which I am sure are spectacular but will hopefully include some surprise locations along the way.

Also, we feel touring and motorhome life is relatively easy to complete (so far, the notebook is touching wood!!).  Sure, it is a relatively simple way of life and at times living in a 12 sq metre box is testing.  We have not missed TV, but we are now experts at playing Uno and any family members reading this (Steve and Maryann?), I suggest that you start practising this card game, as it is coming out on one the future Christmas’s.  We have found finding places to stay quite easy and only a few times along the way have the stops being full or not suitable.  Also, the nights that have been free have definitely by far outnumbered the paid nights.  We are under budget and therefore on average we are spending less than 20 euros per day per person, and that includes fuel.  We still eat out on occasions and quite regularly we have a few drinks in local bars.  I know this might change as we head towards more expensive countries such as France and Italy, but hopefully our created buffer will help us through……We also realise that we are travelling out of season and space availability issues may be upon us as more motorhomers hit the road during the summer months.


Our Fiat Ducato Swift Suntor parked up.

A few notes on the van, in summary so far so good.  I am pleased that we have the 2.8 turbo as often I am craving for more power and I think an engine remap is on the cards at some point.  I really don’t know how the 2.0 turbo vans get on, especially since ours is not even fully loaded, but still at times I am reaching for fourth to try and keep the revs at 2000 rpm.  The LPG conversion has proved to be worth it so far and LPG on the forecourts was quite easy to find in the larger Spanish cities.  I can’t believe we have only spent about 20 euros in 3 months of travelling on LPG, which fuels our fridge, hot water and cooking.  Also, the solar panel is extremely good allowing us to stop on places without needing to move or ‘hook up’ to power.


In summary, almost three months in and we are still enjoying it and we are sad to see Spain and Portugal go for a while but we are looking forward to France and Italy.  We hope that we have not spoken too soon regarding our thoughts on motorhome life………  I still have some issues thinking that we are on holiday and often I am tempted by all the ‘Menu del Dia’ boards that are around all the Plazas, but this is fading as I try to heed some self control, which if you know me, is really difficult. 🙂

Finally, we want to thank all the people reading this blog (family, friends and others) and for all the comments you have posted – we do enjoy reading them.  Thanks again to Chris and Elspeth for looking after our cats and to our families for looking after our lives at home.  We hope you are all well.


3 thoughts on “Tour reflections so far, almost 3 months in……”

  1. Enjoying the blog and glad that you are having a glorious time. Sounds like it is pretty much everything you both hoped it would be and more. Keep on trucking. Love to you both. Xx


  2. As someone who is preparing to hit the road soon, it is great to catch up with other people’s travels and experiences. I have long believed that mobile life is doable on a small budget and I would rather be spending the money travelling, seeing new places and learning about our surroundings than pay the same money out on rent and council tax 🙂

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