We almost did not get to Cordoba as upon arrival the approved paid camperstop in the town centre was full.  We should have planned this a little better but we had completely forgotten that it was the ‘labour day’ holiday.  This forgetfulness is a consequence of not being at work, maybe 🙂


Plaza Corredera, Cordoba

Eventually we did find a place on a private car park at the foot of the University Hospital Reina Sofia which let us stay over night for only 5 euros.  It is called ‘Parking Mismo’ by the way, if any motorhomers are still reading this, and seems a much cheaper alternative than ‘Parking Historic Centre’ which is listed on ‘camper-contact app’ and in the  ‘camperstop europe’ book.  After a brisk 10 minute walk, we were strolling around yet another impressive grand city complete with it’s Alcazar, Mezquita cathedral and historic town centre.  The city was completely rammed with tourists and this led me to see something for the first time:-  An American tour guide, whilst gathering together his tourist herd (50 plus people), actually ordered them to perform a ‘conga’ chain up the narrow street and into Plaza de las Flores blocking the entire way for anybody else.  We are talking the real deal, you know the hands on hips or shoulders of the person in front of you shuffle. I am not sure how I felt about this action, but my gut feeling is that the conga should be left for dance floors at wedding parties only.

Cordoba for sure is a special city, spectacular even, but we are getting a little ‘city-ed out’ if we were truthful.  One saving grace was that we were in the ‘Les Patios’ period (1st half of May), where the city’s public open up their internal patios for the world to see.  These are packed full with many geraniums and plants that definitely make the city colourful.

DSCN1354 - crop 2

Roof top bar, Café Sojo, Cordoba

We have one more big city to complete before we leave Andalucía.  After Granada, we are going to dissect Spain on a sort of North East diagonal, reaching the most eastern Spanish French border.  We don’t really have a major plan or any must do’s, apart from a coastal visit near Torrevieja, so, does anybody have any coastal or inland place suggestions please?  It would be a shame to go blindly past somewhere worth visiting.


The Suntor, keeping up with local traffic (?), through the hair pins leaving Cordoba.


4 thoughts on “Cordoba.”

    1. Thanks Craig and Joanne for the note. I have checked you out your blog now, but it looks like it is too late to visit El Chorro as we now in the Valencia region. Another place for the to do list…..Regards, and maybe we will see you on the road at some point in future.


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