Villa Eterna Rocks….

So we have been here a week now in Torreg.  The days have slipped into fairly simple pattern, wake up and take coffee on the terrace whilst stealing glimpses of the view across the bay and then start work.  I have the task of painting the exterior and Sharon has been mixing between garden duties and painting window and door frames.  It is all very tranquillo, the only noise is the music from Kevin’s stereo (The Cure through to The Levellers and everything inbetween summarises the play list).  We all meet up for tapas at 2pm, which in fairness, since we have arrived has been slipping nearer to 1pm, where we eat bread and cheese with wine congratulating ourselves on our endeavours.  A bit surreal really since Kev and I are founder members of the ‘No Work Team’.

The afternoon is a little a bit more flexible for Sharon and I, as Kev continues with the electrics, we mix between siestas, book reading or completing some more work once the sun has died down a little.  It is quite hot up here on the hill, today reached 21 degrees with zero wind – I am quite brown already.  I also have terracotta blindness from the painted walls.  We join up again at 8pm, taking it in turns on the pans – tonight it is my turn and I going to start off with a pan fried paprika pork.  Should combine well with the 2009 Vespral Gran Reserva (2.49 euro) which we purchased this evening – well, it is Friday night and old habits die hard !!!  In short, we are both enjoying our time here with good friends.


The view from the terrace with Gib rock in the distance. See Kev and Gio comments for more details on Villa Eterna.


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