St Jean (Fr) to Torreguadiaro (Sp). Exodus south…..


Snow in the mountains behind San Sebastian

From St Jean we headed to the capital of the Basque Country, Vitoria.  The road was slow due to the snow (see photo), so care had to be taken over the mountain range.  Vitoria was like I had imagined, winding lanes full of bars selling pintxos and cheap wine.  Memories of an alcohol fuelled couple of days in San Sebastian came to mind.  Rebellious, anti-establishment, and full of energy – it made for a pleasant Sunday afternoon mixing with the locals who were indulging in pre Sunday lunch drinks.


Happy Birthday to me! Wine and bread in the van.

My 40th Birthday was celebrated in Palencia, Castilla y Leon.  A quiet traditional town with a stuck in time feel.  Again, wine and tapas seemed to be the way forward – 80 cents per glass of wine with a tapa.  Sharon tried the local delicacy of pigs ear stew and we both concluded that it was pretty bad!  However, the weather is getting slightly better as we head south, in fact there was some sun shine in Palencia which glinted in the dated shop fronts of the main Calle Major.


Broiled pig’s ear anyone?

The next stop was Caceres which has a classic walled historical centre and then Zafra.  At Zafra we arranged with Kevin to arrive at Torreguadiaro 24 hours early.  The weather is considerably better now, in fact it is a pleasant 18 degrees and very sunny.  Kev’s villa is in an amazing location overlooking the bay of Gibraltar.  Katherine from the Beautiful Days crew and Kev’s Gio are also out here so we look forward to doing some socialising – we have had very little company outside of the two of us.  Please see the links of Kev’s villa, it is available for holiday rents and comes recommended!!!

Just to keep tabs on the spending, we still have not exceeded 3 euros for a bottle of wine.  In fact tonight I am going dabble in the sub 1 euro end of the market, I have a Spanish Tempranillo 2014 which cost a grand total of 89 cents!!!  Also, it is worth noting that all the Aires so far have been free apart from the first night in Le Crotoy and St Jean.  We have also just finished our first bottle of LPG which cost a grand total of 4.50 euros to fill up. Life on the road is proving to be quite inexpensive so far.


7 thoughts on “St Jean (Fr) to Torreguadiaro (Sp). Exodus south…..”

  1. Snow amazing. Pleased the wine is cheap and ok. Hope you are enjoying warmer weather now. Thanks for my birthday card. Enjoy Spain. Love Nigel.


  2. Hi Matt & Sharon – All sounds amazing ! We celebrated your 40th & my 61st ? birthday at Steve Bulls’ place
    in Tettenhall in good old Wolvo. Seriously pleased all going well and take care xxx


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