We wanna get loaded….

(28/02/16 – Matt)

….and packed up today.  We have realised that there is a science behind packing and we are trying to be ruthless and take as little as possible.  Also there is not too much storage space in the Suntor as it does not have any under floor storage cabinets.  So basically, if is does not fit in a cupboard we are not taking it.

The removal company are coming early tomorrow morning to collect all our goods and place in storage.  We then need to do a deep clean of the house, and finally get driving, heading south to Dover.  Our ferry is early on Tuesday morning so we are really excited now, we just want to get going and we want to have a good time….

Thought – I might start a page on musical references……



2 thoughts on “We wanna get loaded….”

  1. I am trying to work out how to leave comments! It might take me a while…. can’t understand why you didn’t explain how to do that!!! Hmm mm. .. x


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