We wanna get loaded….

(28/02/16 – Matt)

….and packed up today.  We have realised that there is a science behind packing and we are trying to be ruthless and take as little as possible.  Also there is not too much storage space in the Suntor as it does not have any under floor storage cabinets.  So basically, if is does not fit in a cupboard we are not taking it.

The removal company are coming early tomorrow morning to collect all our goods and place in storage.  We then need to do a deep clean of the house, and finally get driving, heading south to Dover.  Our ferry is early on Tuesday morning so we are really excited now, we just want to get going and we want to have a good time….

Thought – I might start a page on musical references……


Preparation and the Suntor.

(21/02/16, Matt)

We now have only one week to go before we set off for our European tour.  This plan was hatched back in October 2015 when Sharon had confirmation that she would be leaving her work on the 30th November due to planned redundancies.  Through various conversations discussing options for the future, a European motorhome tour was decided upon.  It has been something I have always wanted to do properly as I did complete a couple of months solo trip of France, Spain and Portugal about 8 years ago in a Renault Laguna estate with a tent and Sharon and I have completed various Euro mini trips in our annual holidays getting as far as Switzerland in my old campervan.  We both love travelling, especially in Europe, so it seemed to make complete sense.

As part of the preparation we knew we needed to exchange my camper van (a converted Nissan Elgrand) for something larger and with a bathroom, especially as we want to stay as many nights as possible on Aires or the equivalent.  We decided upon a 2006 Fiat Swift Suntor 590RL (hence spelling of the webpage).

Over the last few weeks, especially since I have finished work on the 15th January, we have been feeling stressed as all the many things that need to get arranged fall into place (or not).  We are planning to rent the house, but have currently lost two applicants so far, pack all our things into storage and convince the neighbours to look after our cats.  Throw into the mix some emergency health issues with Sharon’s parents during January and various engine non-starting issues with the Fiat resulting in two recoveries in 60 miles of use , the last couple of weeks have been testing and busy.

We are also anxious, as we really don’t know what 10 to 12 months in a motorhome is going to be like as we have not been away for that duration before – are we going to get on, are we going to miss the cats or even our homely lounge and worse still will the Fiat make it?!!!!.  Overall though, it is the excitement that overrides, as I know (hope) we are going to love it.